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Hotel Gambrinus & Strand Adriatic Cost

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Raspelli promotes the Hotel Gambrinus
The gastronomic expert Edoardo Raspelli has chosen Cervia as the place for his culinary escapades.
Mainly in the limelight however is the hotel Gambrinus, located along the Deledda sea front, where one of Italy’s most severe critics made a surprise visit. The idea is to appear under a false name at the reception and then frequent the hotel like any other guest, above all the dining room. His sometimes poisonous articles end up in the La Stampa daily or in his books and in the Espresso’s guide to Italian Restaurants. «I spent two days at the Grambrinus, he explains, and I found the 4-star superior hotel to be among the very best. It could easily be classified as a 5-star, but for the owners, things are ok as they are. The hotel has an annex called the Strand, where I also slept, much to my satisfaction. Everything has been renovated and modernized thanks to an investment that has produced great results. The bedrooms are spacious and clean and the building is surrounded by flowers, with roses on the floors and orchids in the lobby. A feast of colours right in front of the beach where I spent my youth. And the rates are very affordable». The Dallamora family has been running the hotel since 1967 and additional amenities have recently been added, including a wellness centre. «We had recognised Raspelli - says Silvana Dallamora – but these are our rooms and we could not change them for him. We are therefore excited about his opinion of our hotel. It means the commitment of many years has been truly repaid. We have also had to touch up our rates to make new investments, but it is hard to say whether this has anything to do with the drop in number of guests in this early part of the season. Considering price increases have been curbed to the utmost, we believe the problem lies in the economic crisis. The critic’s opinion is however a big boost for us all».

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